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Mobile Travel Apps
Must Have Smart Phone Apps for Mobile Travelers
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Smart Phones Make Traveling Easier
Top Mobile Travel Apps
Taxi Magic (Free)
Taxi Magic is a nationwide free online taxi booking service that is directly integrated with taxi dispatch systems. This award winning application allows you to book with over 40,000 taxi services. Find taxis based on your location and track its arrival through dispatch updates and map view. You can even charge the taxi to your credit card.

Tripit (Free)
Tripit organizes your travel plans and details into one itinerary that is available via your mobile device. You simply forward emails to an address and Tripit builds the itinerary for you.

SitorSquat (Free)
The name of this application says it all, Sit or Squat? This app allows you to search for a public toilet by address, zip code, city or intersection. They also rate the toilets from 1 to 5 stars and give you information on features available (if you know what we mean...). If you have kids, this app is an absolute must.

Google Maps for Mobile (Free)
Most everyone is familiar with Google maps on your computer, but Google also has a mobile version with enhanced features. Google Maps for Mobile gives you directions, 3D views, compass mode, street view, traffic and a new offline feature. This offline feature caches the areas you use most enabling you to access them even when you don't have a signal.

WiFi Finder (Free)
Just like it says, you can find WiFi hotspots based on your location. They have over 550,000 WiFi locations in 142 different countries. If you travel with your laptop, this is an excellent app to have on your mobile device.

MyTSA (Free)
This app is actually from the TSA itself and provides you the most frequently requested information about security procedures at airport checkpoints. The application has functions including allowing travelers to find out if an item can be taken in checked or carry-on bags and view delays at all U.S. airports via a feed from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

TripAdvisor (Free)
At Smart-Travelers, we love TripAdvisor. They provide the most helpful travel information and trusted reviews for hotels and other travel services of any site. We never stay in a hotel without first checking the TripAdvisor reviews. They now offer a mobile application with the same features.

Yelp (Free)
Yelp offers a local review on restaurants, bars, attractions and places to shop. You can narrow your search by restaurant type, the distance from your location and price. These reviews are provided by real people like you who know the areas. You can even add your own tips.

GTranslator (Free)
If you are traveling internationally, GTranslator is a must. This is Google's translator made available for your mobile device. You can translate words or phrases from 40 different languages. They also now have the ability to translate text from a picture. Google Goggles enables you to take a picture and translate the text.

ICall (Free)
ICall uses Voice Over IP (VoIP) to make phone calls. Sure, your mobile device has a phone but with ICall you can talk as long as you like without using your minutes. You can also install it on an IPod Touch or IPad and make phone calls (requires microphone ear piece). The call quality is excellent and the app is quite easy to use.

AroundMe (Free)
AroundMe uses GPS to quickly find points of interests around your current location. Its great for finding restaurants, parking, theaters, and even hospitols around your location.

These days, everyone has a smart phone which has enabled us to stay connected in ways we never could 5 years ago. Travel applications are by far one of the most popular and for good reason. We have compiled a list of what we consider the top 10 travel apps for smart phones.