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Who are the Smart-Travelers? We are a family just like your's. I am Bill. My wife is Beth. And our son is Brendan. But we like to call ourselves B3. We have been married for 29 years and have traveled all over the US, much of Europe, Africa and other parts of the world. We are your normal professional family, or not. My family has always loved traveling including over 20 cruises under our belt, but in 2002 we decided to take a break from the rat race and spend a year traveling the US in an RV (travel trailer). We had never owned one before, but we knew we wanted to give our son an experience of his lifetime. My wife, a teacher, homeschooled our son for his first grade year and we headed out to spend a year getting to know our home country. We managed to see 37 states with experiences that included Washington DC, the Amish country in Pennsylvania, the history in Boston, Niagra Falls, the beaches of North Carolina, the beautiful Seattle area and West Coast, the grandeur of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, Meteor Crater in Arizona and yes, even Disney World in Orlando.

After returning from our whirlwind RV tour, my family accepted an exciting 3+ year position in Northampton, England. This opened a whole new world of travel for us. We used our vacation time, or holiday as the British call it, traveling throughout Europe and even to Africa. My family had always wanted to go on an African Safari and in 2006 we went on a wonderful trip to South Africa. This trip still remains one of our vacation highlights with some fantastic memories. Along with South Africa, we also visited places like Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Estonia and even a trip to the Arctic Circle when we went to Lapland, Finland for Christmas.

As you can imagine, we have gained a great deal of knowledge about traveling both in the US and internationally. We've learned many tricks and tips about getting excellent deals, staying in the right hotels, and booking cruises and tours that will best meet your travel goals and budget. Over the years, we have helped many of our friends and family with travel arrangements and decided it was time to offer this information for FREE on the internet. We hope our information helps you and your family, and we ask that you pass this website on to your friends and family.

Bill also owns and operates the WHC IT Group, which provides web presence and senior IT consulting to companies. Come see us at
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